For some time I have been interested in the research of astrophysicists, who talk about different phenomena, sometimes difficult for me to understand. My attachment to the present is inversely proportional to the amount of information that reaches me.

Mateusz Dąbrowski was born in 1980 in Warsaw.
Obtained the diploma at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2005. In 2010 he received a doctorate.
He is engaged in spatials forms, painting and graphic art.
His experience with creating graphic matrices uses to experiment with different materials like metal, wood, paper and plastics, seeking artistic forms where the idea is to go beyond their materiality, and the interactive nature of works is key to contributing meaning. It deals with the phenomenon of continuous motion, ubiquitous motion, causing endless changes. It animates its objects by using electromagnetic waves, infrasounds, or air movements.
His works are primarily contemplative in nature, and the viewer and his interaction with the piece of art are the key to the co-creation of the visual effect.

2000 – 2005r. – study on Graphic Art Dipartmant in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
2005 r.
– made dyploma on Graphic Art dipartmant in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
– asystent in Printmaking studio of prof. Andrzej Węcławski on Graphic Art Dipartmant in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2010 r.
– made doctoral thesis

– Young Poland  scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Centre for Culture Poland
– Half-year scholarship of Ministry of culture and National Heritage.
– Scholarship in competition memorial. In Sopot Daniel Chodowieckiecki competition.
– The International young artist Sympozjum Gutersloh, Germany.

– Honorable Mention of the Jury at the III International Biennial of Digital Graphics in Gdynia.
– Award of Prime Minister for the doctoral thesis 2010.
– Nomination to Award in 14th International Biennial Exhibition, R.O.C. in Taiwan
– Honorable Mention for “The Interventional Cardiology” in Polish Publishers Society Competition in “Finest Book of 2009” category
– Proposed for Paszport Polityki award
– Grand Prix of Young Polish Graphic Arts, MTG Cracow, Poland
– Major Award ACADEMIA 2009 for a book cover to “Interventional Cardiology”
– 1st Artistic Award funded by SIEMENS
– The Award of National Museum in Warsaw
– Regulation Award, Nomination for Grand Prix in the 6th Triennial of Polish Printmaking Arts, Katowice 06, Poland
– 2nd place in Daniel Chodowiecki Contest in Sopot
– 3rd place in Polish Contest for the Best Diploma of the Year

Selected Exhibitions

BARDO / EMBODIMENT   M. Dąbrowski & J. Wróblewski, SalonAkademi Gallery, 1–8.03.2019 Warsaw, Poland.
CATERPILLAR: Mateusz Dabrowski, The Zachęta Project Room, curator: Magda Kardasz, 25.05. – 22.07.18, Warsaw, Poland.
Friendship gester. Bożena Kowalska collection, International exhibition at the Mia Art Gallery, curator: Bożena Kowalska, Wrocław, Poland.
Light in Geometry: International exhibition at the Mazovian Center of Contemporary Art “Elektrownia”, curator: Bożena Kowalska, 02.03 – 23.05.2018, Radom, Poland.
BUBBLE: Mateusz Darowski, privet prosperity, Lechonia street, Warsaw, Poland.
GENERATOR: Mateusz Dabrowski, Olga Ząbroń,  SOCATO Gallery in Wroclaw, Poland.
–  JIL: Mateusz Dąbrowski, Cezary Poniatowski, Tomasz Sacilowski, Ivo Nikić, Monika Zawadzki/ Brechta 17 street, Warsaw, Poland.
– Mateusz Dabrowski, Galerie Marie Therese Prosperi, Luxembourg
– Mateusz Dabrowski, MIRRORS, in Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf, Germany
– SGCI, Portland Themed Portfolio Exchanges, USA
– Kunstraum Roy, Pfingsten 2016, Kunnersdorf, Germany
– Conference „Hortus elctronicus”, in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland.
– Mateusz dabrowski with Jewgenija Gortchakowa, VIBRATIONS in Birkhofer Gallery in Gottenheim, Germany
– KOHANA Gallery, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Poland
– Geometry Language – half a century of change, curator Bozena Kowalska, Centre for Contemporary Art „Elektrownia” in Radom, Poland
– What Is It What You Do?, Akademy Saloon Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
– 3th International Triennial of Contemporary Graphic Art, IMPRINT 2014 in Symphony Varsovia, in Warsaw, Poland
– SGC Printmaking Conference, Milwaukee, Galeria Frederick Layton Gallery, Wisconsin, USA,
– 31h Outdoor Meeting for Artists Using the Language of Geometry, curator Bozena Kowalska, Centre for Contemporary Art „Elektrownia” in Radom, Poland
– presentatin on New Media Conference in Warsaw, Poland
– Contemporary Polish Printmaking Exhibition, Lalit Kala National Academy of Fine Arts, New Dehli, India
– Teachers from the Printmaking Department of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
– IMPRINT, Collection of Contemporary Print, Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine
– 6th International Biennial of Contemporary Graphic Art in Novosibirsk, Russia
– Ukraine Imprint, Contemporary Print Collection, House for Art and Culture, Sevastopol, Ukraine
– Polish Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, The College of Art & Design Kyuag Hee University Campus, Seul, Korea
– IMPRINT, Contemporary Print Collection, Museum of Literature, Odessa, Ukraine
– Mateusz Dabrowski -Hidden- in Square – branch of Artystic Center of Trzcina Factory, Warsaw, Poland
– Mateusz Dabrowski -Views-, Acadamy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
– International Printmaking Triennial in Krakow Exhibition, Vienna, Austria
– International Printmaking Triennial Exhibition in Oldenburg, Germany
– Contemporary Polish Printmaking Exhibition, TAFA Gallery, Tianjin, China
– Post-competition Exhibition of 14th International Print Biennial R.O.C. In Taiwan
– Imaging Exhibition, El Gallery Art Centre, Elblag, Poland
– Mateusz Dabrowski -Endless-, Promotional Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
– IMPRINT 2008 – Contemporary Graphic Art Collection, Magasinet, Falun, Sweden
– “Competition for Daniel Chodowiecki Award for Polish Drawing and Print, Winners and Awarded Participants from 1992-2007”
Exhibition in Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, Germany
– IMPRINT – Contemporary Graphic Art Collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw, Poland
– 13th International Print Triennial Exhibition in Taiwan
– Exhibition at city gallery in Gutersloh, Germany
– International Print Triennial exhibition in Vienna, Austria
– International Print Triennial exhibition – Oldenburg, Germany
– Polish Art Exhibition, EU ARTMUSEUM in Stockholm, Sweden

Publications in academic magazines:
2009-2018- Author of 30 posters for exhibitions organized at Studio no. 6, Graphics Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
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