GENERATORS were not derived directly from myth, but were inspired by mythology. The magic of an object is a myth referring to a symbol and an archetype, to the spirit of societies, it is between the body and the spirit, imagination and reality.
It reminds us of different times and of other cultures and customs. The origin of the object is relative. Civilizations are changing, but they always leave traces in language and objects that are used for communication between human and space-time.

GENERATORS have a hidden history;
The AKU is an item that hangs above eye level. It has been covered with a graphite hairy fabric, giving it an organic character. It is an imitation of an anthropomorphic machine, reminiscent of facial features. The inspiration was the African and Aztec masks, symbolizing the deities or spirits to whom they prayed. TARAMM is a monument with an atmosphere of architecture, sharp shapes trying to get out, deconstructing the cuboidal form. CASPER is a work resembling a vessel with light strips of paper hanging over it, moving in the wind. KURēN has a structure of multi-element blocks building a vertical column, it reacts to the fragmentary movement of these elements, which seems to make it very unstable and will fall dawn.
TARAMM Material: PVC, felt; Dimension: 120x60x40 cm; Date: 2016
CASPER Material: steel, paper, PVC, felt, resin; Dimension: 22x90x22; Date: 2017
AKU material: PVC, felt; Dimension: 120x30x40 cm; Date: 2017
KURēN Material: PVC, felt; Dimensions: 250 x 50 x 50 cm; Date: 2022