The different approach to the themes of perception was intended to focus more on the internal analysis of humanism in relation to the spirituality it contained, and not on purely optical activities.
By selecting and focusing on those, for me, the most important and universal topics, looking for simplicity. By instinctively analyzing the combination of idealism and minimalism, I look for hidden meanings that emerge contemplatively, naturally with time. I am interested in basic phenomena occurring in nature, such as; the flow of energy, the determined and incessant processuality of matter, the confrontation of the bodily reality with the meta area, everything that influences the constant changes we face. Reflecting on physical concepts is the basis for understanding your surroundings, place, identity and nature.
The title IMPLOSION 2.0 is, in other words, absorbing and filtering everyday life, taming it despite the fact that questions are always dominant or the lack of clarity, which is reflected in the creative process immersed in intuition and understanding.
The white column is constantly spinning, dragging a piece of felt while collecting dirt from the floor. Objects materialize accumulated emotions.
I have the feeling that the opposite is true, that I am created by my creativity.

Mateusz Dąbrowski
Duza Scena UAP gallery
Wodna street 24, Poznań
curators: Paweł Fileger and Jakub Malinowski
opening: February 18, 22 at 7:00 p.m.