Painting cycle is the secend realisation of project Bardo. Bardo is a cycle of exhibitions by Mateusz Dąbrowski and Jakub Wróblewski.
The artists aimed to deal with the sensual and mystical idea of Bardo.
The redness point in the photos was accidental, but it looked as though it was penetrating through the materiality of the paint, making the image take on another dimension where the redness appeared. Finally I painted a series of monochromatic images, with slight differences in temperature tones, on which I applied a disappearing layer of red light imitating the light. I chose the color of red because it is the color of the longest wave of light. Monochrome images were mainly painted with different saturation, either black or white. Gray is a non-definable color without any connotation.
There is no physical state of gray, it is the color of the contact, the color of the border.

IMPLOSION Material: oil on canvas; Date: 2013