The tenement house at Targowa 21 was built at the beginning of 20th century. At that time Targowa was the main street of a flourishing industrial area. It withstood two world wars, roof collapse, numerous floods, to finally get burnt in 2000. That is why I first associated it with some worn out thing that I wished to show in an abstract way. I wanted to concentrate on its advantages and matter, but still to remember about its clear object message. I knew the matter couldn’t be accidental and that it should convey some symbolic concept. After all the work was to become the part of easily accessible public space. I wanted the viewer to get my essage mainly at an emotional level. I had to take into account the area itself, as well as the neighboring buildings. This part of Praga is pretty much neglected with numerous old tenement houses mainly from the beginning of 20th century. I made an imitation of some metal blended in a cube shape or, in other words, some pressed sheet metal ready to reuse. I used the features of the expressive picture of matter, so as it was well visible even from a distance. Thanks to its dynamic divisions, different directions of bending lines and sliding light the graphics deconstructed the form of a simple tenement. The idea of a pressed recycled sheet metal goes with the idea
of the renewal of a destroyed building.

DECONSTRUCTION Material: print on netting; Dimension: 1400 x 2552 cm and 1400 x 1298 cm; Date: 2013
ARTDECO Material: print on netting; Dimension: 1275 x 1760 cm; Date: 2013