HIDDEN are made using lentikular printing. The work was depicted in abandoned office interiors of the Communist period, left dirty cups standing on the desks, and dried, flowers on the window sills. It was a labyrinth of rooms where it was easy to get lost. The interiors were covered with a transparent veil, generated in the 3d program. Changing the angle of view changed with the viewer’s movement. Fabrics moved subtly and revealed parts of the covered space. Graphics in 200 x 200 cm format. Everything that we see is based on perception, that is limited
information. At the very first moment the information is distorted and quite shallow, as it is being limited by the cognition time, which, paradoxically, brings about some associations and makes our subconsciousness and
imagination work depending on our individualsensitivity. The idea of the Cycle is based on both the visible and the hidden. The use of lenticular technique in my works helped me obtain the illusion of space and movement.