Mateusz Dąbrowski creates spatial objects and installations, he is a graphic artist, painter and graphic designer .

He concentrate around the issues of unnoticed or invisible reality, illogical reality, and the non-objectivity of environments, realising abstract forms based on contemporary understandings and interpretations of humanism, of man being only a small part of a complex organism like the world.

Dabrowski uses his experience in creating printmaking matrices to experiment with different materials such as: metal, wood, paper or plastics. The materials he uses to realise his works are always not incidental. Create forms whose ideas go beyond their materiality, and often the interactive nature of the artworks is crucial in co-creating meaning and sens. Dabrowski is interested in evolutionism, processuality, the theory of continuous movement, the lack of constancy, omnipresent determined temporal variation. His some sculptures are provoke to simultaneous motion with minimalist repetition, paraphrasing the work of a living organism. He moves his objects mechanically or by means of electromagnetic waves, infrasound or air movements.

Mateusz Dąbrowski was born in 1980 in Warsaw. He studied Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He defended his doctoral thesis in 2010 and his habilitation thesis in 2019. He runs a Screen Printing Studio at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.         Dąbrowski was participant of the Radziejowice Art Symposia organised by Dr. Bożena Kowalska; in 2008 he took part in an artistic residency in Gütersloh in Germany; in 2010 he was nominated to ”Polityka’s Passport Award”; in 2010 he received a distinction at the International Biennale of Graphic Arts in Taiwan; in 2009, he was awarded the Grand Prix of Young Graphics at the International Graphics Triennale in Krakow; he received the Young Poland scholarship in 2015, the Prime Minister’s award for his PhD in 2010, the first prize funded by Siemens in 2005 and a six-month scholarship from the Minister in 2010.